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Robin Patchen (Author of Chasing Amanda) - Goodreads

Finding Amanda by Robin Patchen
Chef and popular blogger Amanda Johnson hopes publishing her memoir will provide healing and justice. Her estranged husband, contractor and veteran soldier Mark Johnson, tries to talk her out of it, fearing the psychiatrist who seduced her when she was a teen might return to silence her. But Amanda doesn’t need advice, certainly not from her judgmental soon-to-be ex-husband. Her overconfidence makes her vulnerable when she travels out of town and runs into the abuser from her past. A kind stranger comes to her rescue and offers her protection. Now Mark must safeguard his wife both from the fiend who threatens her life and from the stranger who threatens their marriage.

Who else could have played that role but Robin Williams. Both Robin and Patch Adams have taught me to have faith in who I am and that the making people
laugh is a gift. God Bless!

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