4 Hot and Sexy Rock Star Romance Novels

Rock Star: The Song (Book 1 of a Bad Boy Romance)

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The Ultimate List of Rock Star Romance Books

Again, I want to say, that in this novel - as in most rock star romance novels - the skeeve factor is really high. You are going to be reading about groupies, orgies, tons of drugs, public sex, men having sex with tons of women who they don't know their names and don't give a crap about, and a lot of disrespectful and skeevy stuff. Only YOU know if you can handle this kind of book. I was wrinkling my nose in disgust at a lot of the stuff the band was doing. And Derek himself is no saint. As a bass player in a successful rock band, he's done some pretty disgusting stuff. I mean, when he thinks Violet is a reporter he

The fangirl in all of us would agree that rockstars are irresistable. There’s a reason why teenagers put posters of their favorite bands and singers all over their rooms. So what could be better than putting rockstars in romance novels? Reading one of these books is like reliving all of your favorite rockstar fantasies. If you want to jump on the fangirl train, check out these hot rockstar romance books.

by Maryse on August 29, 2012 · 191 comments

  • Beauty in the Breakdown (A Rock Star Romance Novel) Kindle Edition
    Natalie Baird
    3.7 out of 5 stars 68
  • Rock Star by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - All Romance Ebooks