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2d scrolling MMORPG. Unlike most other massively multiplayer role playing games, this game was developed entirely in Adobe Flash -- by the same team who developed the first AdventureQuest single-player RPG. This is not a sequel but an entirely different game with the same (and better) attention to storyline and quests yet in a persistent game world with real time interaction. Humorous and rewarding gameplay. Four classes to choose from the ability to multi-class to make things more interesting.

"Let's Pretend" games are the primitive cousins of role playing games. You pick out some sort of adventure situation, choose what kind of person you are within that background, then play out the situation you've set up to see what happens to you. In a "Let's Pretend" game, you are never yourself. You're always someone who leads a more adventurous life and frankly has more fun than you do. No one wanted to "play Accountants and Actuaries", at least no kids we allowed to play on our block!

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The major difference between "Let's Pretend" and role playing games is that in role playing, you don't actually run around pointing your finger-gun and pretending to shoot bad guys. Instead, the action all happens in your mind (which is where most dangerous things belong, as far as we are concerned). You don't act out the things that happen. You describe them, and talk to the other players as if they were the characters they portray, having the adventures you are describing for each other.

Leadership is only half the job of the gamemaster, however. The other half is role playing. The gamemaster does not play a single character on the players' team. Unlike Cowboys and Indians, where your players chose up sides and competed against each other, role playing games have all the players more or less cooperating. Their characters work together toward common goals, functioning as a single team (though they may squabble among themselves, too).