Romantic Lines to Say to a Girl – From Literature, Film

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The Other End Of The Line

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Over the Line (The Redemption Series Book 1)

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Romantic Lines to Say to a Girl - Free Pickup Lines

When reciting romance lines to your girlfriend, remember your purpose: to make her feel special, to make her feel loved, and to make her understand what she means to you. Don’t forget to compliment, but do it in ways she’s not used to hearing.

Most romantic lines you find to say to a girl are going to sound corny when reading them online. If you were reading them with your buddies, all of you would laugh. But when you say them to your woman and you mean them–and you can convey that you mean what you say–those words turn to magic in her ears.

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    For us members of the email and text message age, romantic notes are becoming fewer and farther between, and it’s made me even more likely to swoon when I read a romantic line from a book or poem. Below are some of my favorite romantic lines in literature, judged by no other criteria than that reading them made me wish someone had written them for me. And really, is there any better benchmark than that?

    Love is always so much better in movies. The sex scenes are never awkward, the perfect Coldplay song is always playing, and everything always works out in the end. Best of all, the love story in cinema never involves awkward conversations or misintrepreted text messages -- from "Jerry Maguire's" famous "You had me at 'hello,'" to "Casbalanca's" iconic "We'll always have Paris," the romantic lines in movies are always spot on.