Rookie Yearbook Two (Drawn + Quarterly)

Rookie Yearbook Two


Tavi Gevinson, "Rookie Yearbook Two" LA Review of Books

Holding Rookie Yearbook Two between the palms of your hands and idly flipping through its pages is a satisfying experience. The opening and closing papers contain autographs from some of Rookie’s bold-faced friends and contributors, like comedienne Julie Klausner, photographer Autumn de Wilde, and punk rock renaissance woman Carrie Brownstein; the book is printed on heavy matte-finish vellum paper, and the shifting, girly page backgrounds of quilts and textiles gives the book an inviting appearance. Tavi and her colleagues even included some pages to rip out, like a mini-tarot deck of photos from a photo shoot and a foldout of stickers for a build-your-own-shrine feature.

This October, Rookie released Yearbook Two and we're giving it away to one lucky winner! The book is 350 pages of articles, interviews, collages, photo editorials, and illustrations from Rookie’s second year. It's all in print with new and exclusive to Yearbook Two, contributions from Mindy Kaling, , Grimes, and Lena Dunham. Plus, it's signed by Tavi, too!

Rookie Yearbook Two by Tavi Gevinson, reviewed.

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Rookie Yearbook Two #2 - comiXology

In its digital form, Rookie publishes articles aimed at teenage girls about a variety of topics, both deadly serious and deeply silly, through a feminist lens. Their egalitarian philosophy about women’s rights can be summed up in bell hooks’s epigram: “feminism is for everybody.” The articles reprinted in Rookie Yearbook Two look at friendships among women (in a moving essay about Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie), dealing with racism through humor, and living with mental illness. The easy-to-parse language and straightforward, pragmatic perspective makes feminist issues accessible not just to its target audience, but to those whose definition of feminism is evolving and who are trying to parse out what they believe.

In addition to the stickers and cootie catcher, Rookie Yearbook Two features some exclusive content. Fans of Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham will enjoy an interview between the two, and Judy Blume’s brief essay reveals some tantalizing new material about her forthcoming novel. A series of illustrations from electronica siren Grimes’s sketchbook provided the most interesting element of the bonus material.