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Patek Philippe: Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Clocks : Identification and Price Guide : Retail & Vintage Prices : Book 1


Sherry L. Ehrhardt and Roy Ehrhardt

Here is the feedback I left for the CD copy of the Roy Ehrhardt books:
"A Rosetta Stone for violin collectors, VERY useful and well done, very pleased!"
Wish I could have met the guy, please forward best wishes to his family, he did a great job compiling this information. I already learned a lot about some of my collection. You may consider some nice graphics on the CD back, it deserves it.

A - I located your Flash-Light Electric Alarm Clock bank in Roy Ehrhardt's Clock identification And Price Guide, Book I (Heart Of America Press: 1979, revised edition). The reference contains a great many details about the clock including the fact that it had a long, attached push cord that was used in bed to see the time at night by pressing the pear push at the end of the cord. The clock was battery operated. Ehrhardt lists the price at $175 in very good condition.

Roy Ehrhardt and Malvern Rabeneck

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Sherry & Roy Ehrhardt, Joe Demesy, modern rolex section by Ken Specht

The Lady American Grade Waltham did produce a true ladies watch in American Watch Co. Grade in the early 1890’s. The watch is 00 size and is referred to as the OM model in the Waltham literature. The records show two runs: 1,000 in 1891 and 800 in 1892. With 1800 total examples, they should not be too hard to find, but intact surviving examples are quite scarce. The cases are unique as is the dial. These are both much scarcer than the movements. The Waltham records show the production of 10 watches in 10 size American Grade (45301 to 45310) in August 1863. These watches are also shown in the advertising from the period. No actual examples have been reported. Scan courtesy of Roy Ehrhardt and the Heart of America Press.

Cover title: American pocket watches, encyclopedia and price guide.
Spine title: Pocket watch encyclopedia.
Vol. 2 has cover title: American pocket watches.
Vol. 2 by William "Bill" Meggers and Roy Ehrhardt.
Includes index.