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This is the first year Le Musee de H, one of Hironobu Tsujiguchi’s eight elite French dessert shops in Japan, took part in the Ruby Roman auction. Mr. Tsujiguchi, who competed and won in Japan’s Iron Chef TV show, is considered one of the country’s finest dessert-making prodigies. And Mr. Tsujiguchi will put his skill and grapes to good use: Along with Sanya Nagata, head chef at Le Musee de H, the two men will use the grapes to craft a dessert for a group of middle school students from tsunami-ravaged Miyagi prefecture performing at a local jazz concert. The shop said the chefs haven’t decided what they will make.

Nurturing the grapes to these strict standards keeps the supply limited and prices up. The ¥500,000 bunch was part of the first Ruby Romans to be shipped this season, expected to total about 10,000 bunches, about double the supply compared to last year. Eleven bundles went on the Kanazawa auction block on Friday with some bidders purchasing as many as four clusters. Auctions in Tokyo are expected to begin next month.

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Swallow this: A single bunch of Ruby Romans, the titan of Japanese grapes, on Friday sold for ¥500,000 or about $6,400 – or in more remarkable terms, that means each grape is worth about ¥20,000. A steep jump from the record fetching amount of ¥250,000 per bunch in 2009 it is by far the most expensive grapes sold in Japan and likely in the world.

This is the matching earrings to the Ruby Romance Necklace. All the metal components were made by my hand. I love the look of the red ruby Quartz against the antiqued Copper.