“This supper is ruined without the biscuits,” Red complained.

We spent four years in a circle of hell, we suffered unspeakably, and it ruined our lives.





I ruined the sauce by adding too much garlic.

Sanchez may not have ruined his opportunity to earn the starting quarterback job, but he certainly didn’t help his chances. has clearly taken the lead in the quarterback competition and will start the third preseason game. And Sanchez may have even fallen behind rookie for .

I’ve always been insecure. Growing up, I was the bespectacled girl with the low self-confidence, and this just got worse as I got older and started dating. Relationships seemed to magnify my own insecurity issues, and those issues ruined love for me on more than one occasion for so many reasons.

His low test scores ruined his chances of getting into a good school.

Poor customer service ruined the company's reputation.

Asked about those comments on Wednesday, Sanchez said he doesn’t think he ruined his opportunity to become the Broncos’ starting quarterback. Instead, Sanchez just thinks he ruined two opportunities for the Broncos to score in their preseason game against the 49ers.

Rescue and recovery efforts enter a third day in regions hit by Wednesday’s deadly 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi has vowed to rebuild the devastated towns, as residents return to ruined homes and rubble