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Level 42- Running in the family with lyrics.
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Later in '87 the Platinum Edition of the album was issued. The CD and cassette replaced "Lessons in Love", "Running in the Family" and "It's Over" with remixed versions, and added remixes of "Something About You" and "World Machine" from the previous album. On vinyl the remixes were featured on one 33rpm record which was shrink-wrapped to the standard edition of the album.

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It featured the hit singles: "Lessons in Love" (which reached No. 3 in May 1986), "Running in the Family" (No. 6 in February 1987), "To Be with You Again" (No. 10 in April '87), "It's Over" (No. 10, in September 1987) and "Children Say" (No. 22 at the end of 1987). All five singles peaked in the top 10 in the Netherlands, where the band was always popular. "Lessons in Love" peaked at #1 in , , and . This was the last Level 42 album of the 1980s to feature brothers Phil (drums) and Roland 'Boon' Gould (guitar), who had cited dissatisfaction with the musical direction of the band and exhaustion as departure reasons.

Looking back it's so bizarre
It runs in the family
All the things we are
On the backseat of the car
With Joseph and Emily
We only see so far
'Cause we all have our daddy's eyes
Take me back into your arms
It's no longer a mystery
There's no cause for alarm
Could have never come this far
With no sense of history
It always leaves a scar
And we all have our daddy's eyes
Looking back it's so bizarre