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The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: The Family Gets a Computer


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About Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc.
The mission of Savvy Cyber Kids, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to teach kids safety before they go online. Savvy Cyber Kids has created an award-winning curriculum that focuses on engraining cyber bully response, security awareness, privacy, and ethics into the minds of preschool aged children. Targeting children at the preschool level will enable appropriate decision making to be second nature as our children mature surrounded by a world filled with interactive technology.

McAfee has provided a grant that enables Savvy Cyber Kids to provide the first Savvy Cyber Kids book, The Family Gets a Computer, along with associated lesson plans and activity sheets, to Georgia based preschool and pre-K programs.

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ECD Learning Specialist - Board Certified
Occupational Therapist / Associate Director of Autistic Learning Studies

"The title 'The Savvy Cyber Kids: The Family Gets A Computer' obviously has a lengthy title yet to a child, they are not bound by the measures we as adults use to judge the value of something. What is more important is the fact that the storyline is imaginative, succinct, and simple. It fits the age range intended and well beyond that."

"The Savvy Cyber Kids: The Family Gets A Computer is a wonderful piece full of colorful illustrations that a child can learn from with with a natural retention from association of experience which can easily be applied in their real life. As I have always emphasized in my teaching, for a child, life experience is one of the most prevalent topics of their conscious as well as sub-conscious thought."

"The Savvy Cyber Kids: The Family Gets A Computer has taken a specific segment of life experience that is applicable to every family. It takes two imaginative characters that kids can easily identify with, to share a message that is of the highest of importance."

"The Savvy Cyber Kids: The Family Gets A Computer delivers and exemplary communication of natural progressive learning. Learning is not pushed upon a child; the storyline carries them through the plot of the story with a gradual progression of the message intended being absorbed by the reader. The more often a child reads the book, the greater the understanding of the importance of the message is instilled in a child."

After completion of my evaluation of The Savvy Cyber Kids: The Family Gets A Computer, I have determined that the book provides an exciting story of life experience which would have a perfect fit on the shelves in retail book stores as well as in the homes of consumers and educational facilities."

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“Children growing up with connected technology should be afforded the opportunity to learn what appropriate interactions with other online participants should look like,” says Ben Halpert, founder and president of Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. “We are grateful for the generosity and dedication of our partners, like Booz Allen Hamilton, that work to enhance Savvy Cyber Kids’ impact and help spread the message of cyber security awareness to a growing number of children across the nation.”

Savvy Cyber Kids, Inc. has created two story books that follow the adventures of a brother and a sister as they explore the marvels of the Internet and learn valuable lessons along the way. Complimentary lesson plans and activity sheets will guide educators on the most effective way to present and educate our children.