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After the success of the Bee Says and the Farmer Says See 'N Says, Mattel introduced several other toys in the line. The Mister Sound Says made city sounds, the Mister Music Says reproduced sounds of musical instruments, and the Clock Says gave the time indicated by the position of the pointer on its face. A Says edition was released after the 1967 film , and See 'N Says featuring characters were introduced in 1968. In 1968 Mattel created a Winnie the Pooh See 'N Say exclusively for Sears and Roebuck department stores. Also introduced in 1968 were See 'N Say Talking Storybooks. Children would open the book to a page, aim the pointer at the arrow printed on the page, and pull the chatty ring.[] A pull-lever version of See 'N Say Talking Storybooks was released in the 1990s with different titles.[]

The Farmer Says See 'N Say made animal sounds when a pointer shaped like a miniature farmer was aimed at pictures of animals on its dial. For example, when pointed at an image of a duck, the phrase "This is a duck...quack, quack, quack" was heard. Likewise, the Bee Says See 'N Say recited different letters of the alphabet ("G...Girl") when its bee-shaped pointer was aimed at them. Unlike other toys, the original See 'n Says required no batteries. Instead, sound was produced by a simple low-fidelity driven by a metal coil wound by pulling the toy's string. This was the style same mechanism used in dolls.

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The toy has also made various pop culture appearances. The songwriter and visual artist has featured The Farmer Says See 'N Say on several recordings, most notably the song "" from his 1983 album entitled . The song "Searching With My Good Eye Closed" from the 1991 album begins with a voice-over clearly influenced by The Farmer Says See n' Say. The 1989 version of The Farmer Says See 'n Say is featured in the animated film (1995). A more recent version of The Farmer Says See 'n Say appears in the film (2006). On the , Peter Griffin uses a See 'n Say instead of a on a . Also, in the episode , Stewie Griffin plays with a European See 'n Say, but the animals make strange sounds (ex.: the says "Shazoo!" instead of "Moooo!"). A version, which plays the sounds of different family members (e.g. the grandpa says "WHAT?!") appears in the episode "". A different See'n Say appears in (2010), an earlier model from 1964. A short spoof on TV first aired in 2011 shows a See 'n Say, featuring various aliens and robots from .

You always said we'd never say goodbye we'd only say see ya later because somehow we will always end up back together....because that's where we belong