Schools in Sierra Leone - A list of Schools in Sierra Leone

A list of Schools in Sierra Leone

Education in Sierra Leone: Present Challenges, Future Opportunities (Africa Human Development Series)


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Schools in Sierra Leone had been due to open again at the end of March - but the government has now put that off for a few more weeks in the hope that Ebola cases may dwindle.

The Sierra Leone Grammar School was also in the forefront in teacher training a few years after its inception. The school was divided in the 1850s into a teacher training section on the one hand, and on the other a general education and FBC entrance preparation section. In the teacher training section students took English, arithmetic, geography, western civilization, scripture, history and school management. To these same subjects were added mathematics, classics and Greek Testament in the general education and FBC entrance preparation section. The Grammar school thus led the way in training teachers for particularly the primary schools in Sierra Leone and this gave a tremendous boost to the quality of primary education in Sierra Leone. The Grammar school also supplied the educated cadres to what became the backbone to the incipient middle class in particularly the British West African colonies in the Gambia, Gold Coast and Nigeria.

Life after Ebola: The first day of school in Sierra Leone

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    The other big problem is that the standard of education is so poor, the main issue being the poor training standards coupled with the poor pay. Public schools seem to spend a high proportion of the year doing non teaching such as a sports week and a farming week. All these issues are accentuated by the huge class sizes that can reach over 100 kids crammed into an often dark and dismal room seated on rough wooden benches. The World Bank reports that “Most schools in Sierra Leone have very poor classroom conditions and still lack sufficient learning materials and adequately qualified teachers; learning in many schools

    FREETOWN (Reuters) - Schools in Sierra Leone reopened on Tuesday after closing for nine months due to an Ebola epidemic that killed 3,800 people, but teachers and aid workers said attendance was low due to lingering fears of the disease.