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Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool


You missed Scream Free Parenting 6 wee... at Army Community Service.

Wednesday’s evening program at the Family Resource Center will offer free child care for attendees. The first 150 Families to register for the ScreamFree parenting class will receive free learning materials such as books and DVDs.

One of the ScreamFree parenting classes will be available April 19 during PT hours in an effort to target the Pregnancy/Postpartum PT Program participants.

Hal Runkel quote, author of ScreamFree Parenting

smilesNV More than 1 year ago
This is by far the best parenting book I have read. The basic concept is the same as some but is presented in such a way that is very acceptable. I have already put this to work with my teenager and to my surprise he is taking it very well. I have bought this book for two friends already. We will all be screamfree parents in no time. Thank you again. : )

How much freedom does your child have? Screamfree parenting

“The Army has chosen Fort Campbell as one of 25 installations to present the ScreamFree program,” said Patrice Jessie, New Parent Support Program coordinator for Army Community Services. “Hal was a young parent himself at one time. Some of the stresses were a lot for him, and he found himself screaming a lot. Over time, with help from others, he developed the ScreamFree parenting program.”

To perpetuate this message, Hal Edward Runkel, marriage and Family therapist and founder of the ScreamFree Institute, will be at Fort Campbell this Wednesday and April 19 to present “ScreamFree Parenting: Five Truths Every Parent Needs to Know.”