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Disney Plush 6" Stuffed Lilo & Stitch Scrump Plush Toy

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Look here! Sweet furry Stitch and Scrump doll fun zip bag!
Have a zip at the back and can keep handphones, wallet, tissue.. very cute >.

Bring them to whenever you feel like it, able to hang on prams as well!

Lilo & Stitch Stuffed Animal - Scrump Doll Plush

scrump doll pattern - Google Search

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Scrump Doll

Scrump was a custom request and she is one of the biggest amigurumi I have made: approximately 9-11" tall and 6-7" wide!

Scrump is from the Lilo & Stitch movie and its this greenish voodoo-like doll that Lilo made. I have a couple of friends who are big fans of Scrump. Dawn, is one of them. She asked if I could crochet a Scrump plush toy for her to add it to her own collection. Of course! :) In fact, I am really excited to take up this project since I’m a huge disney fan and Scrump seems like a really fun character to make. Dawn sent me a picture of a Scrump doll that she saw on flickr. It was wearing a purple bunny suit which I thought it looks super cute and fresh. I went to google some images of Scrump to take a closer look at the shape, and realized it actually has a basic amigurumi structure, which is a big round head and a small body.