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SG: By far, one of the most valuable and sought-after autographs is Sebastian Shaw, who played the unmasked Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Shaw was a stage actor and also did some film work in the U.K. He was mostly unknown in the U.S. and he died in 1996. Not many collectors have his signature. Finding a Shaw-signed Darth Vader piece is probably the Holy Grail. I've heard of one that exists, but I've never seen it.

During her early days as the White Queen, Sebastian Shaw sends Emma to convince Namor to join the Hellfire Club. Instead, Namor takes her to his kingdom and they begin a relationship. Believing Emma to have betrayed him for Namor, Shaw sends a reprogrammed Sentinel to Atlantis, attacking the two and destroying the kingdom. As Namor confronts Shaw for his treachery, Selene takes telepathic hold of Emma, erasing her memories of Namor, who vows revenge on Shaw. In the present, Emma reveals that her initial battle with Phoenix unlocked her memories of Namor. She makes a pact with him, seducing Shaw and using her telepathy to make Namor believe she has executed him, while secretly telepathically incapacitating Shaw. Per their deal, Namor vows to protect mutant-kind as his own people, while Emma, more determined to fill her role as a leader of mutant-kind, contacts Cyclops to have Shaw captured by the X-Men for "crimes against mutant-kind." Approaching him later in his cell, Emma reveals that she has captured Shaw for Namor and on the basis that the Sentinels he commissioned were ones later used by Cassandra Nova to destroy Genosha. She him to remember nothing but the faces of the Genoshan victims using her telepathy.

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  • Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw/Charles Xavier
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    This movie uses the same fast based action, offbeat humor, and stylized storytelling that has made the X Men franchise what it is today. Fair warning, if you were not a fan of the other X Men movies this will be an all too familiar journey down the same path, as the way this film is made is identical to that of every other recent X Men movie. Instantly recognizable in this film is James McAvoy who is known for his starring role in Wanted as well as his roles in Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, and The Chronicles of Narnia. In the movie there’s even a scene poking fun at the actor’s starring Wanted role. Michael Fassbender should not be looked over though, he has been in Eden Lake, Centurion, 300, but most easily noted is Inglourious Basterds, seeing that his story begins in Nazi controlled Poland where he is stripped from his parents to a concentration camp. Rounding out the Big 3 is Kevin Bacon. He’s become a major underground movie icon and has funneled that cult following into his undeniable stage presence as Sebastian Shaw. When Bacon is on screen, Bacon is on screen. And it’s hard to pull away from, even with a half-naked January Jones sharing the screen. Bacon demands your attention.

    In this movie version of the X Men origin story (which is not a part of X Men Origins), Xavier (James McAvoy) and Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender) come together to battle a common enemy, Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). Through luck they cross paths when a government agent by the name of Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) stumbles upon Shaw’s plan and enlists Xavier to help her. They find more people with special abilities and become an unnamed government team to battle Shaw’s team which includes Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Riptide (Alex Gonzalez) and Emma Frost (January Jones).