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Used College Textbook Profit System: Step by Step guide to making money in your spare time buying and selling used college textbooks

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Some schools offer a buyback program that will take your textbooks back and give you cash in return. Unfortunately, they rarely pay top dollar, which means you might take a considerable loss. A second option is to sell your used textbooks online. This latter option might just put a few more dollars back into your pocket. Get .

Selling used college textbooks is a major segment of online bookselling. If you deal in used textbooks you may have noticed that a growing number of them proudly proclaim that they are made from “100% recycled materials”. Does this mean that the textbook industry is becoming “green”?

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  • new textbooks are over rated sell used textbooks instead

    If you’re still not convinced to sell your used textbooks, check out some of our other money saving resources, including and . We’re committed to helping you save cash, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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