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Senator Howard Cannon of Nevada: A Biography (Shepperson Series in Nevada History)

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The second factor is that Mr. Santini has tried to make political capital by suggesting that Senator Cannon has become rich in office. The Senator replies that the increase in his financial worth was unrelated to his Senate duties. Target of Conservative Group

Finally, the National Conservative Political Action Committee has included Senator Cannon in its list of Democratic senators targeted for defeat.

Titus Honors Nevada Senator Howard Cannon on the House Floor

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    Mr. Faust made contact with Mike Moody, an opponent of Gov. Robert F. List in the Republican primary, and offered to buy 60-second spots for him. Mr. Moody could have 15 seconds on each end if he would include the 30-second segments asserting that Senator Cannon had the second worst attendance record in the Senate.

    Three important factors may decide the race, which is rated in political circles as a tossup. The first is that 96,000 of the 166,000 registered Democrats in Nevada live around Las Vegas, Senator Cannon's home base. Representative Santini is from Reno, at the other end of the state, where there are 38,000 Democrats. About 32,000 more live in the rest of the state.