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The Navy Community Service Program encourages and expands involvement of Navy volunteers in the communities, in which they live and work. Its goal is to promote volunteerism and community service between Navy personnel and local communities. Command nomination packages are due to Regional Coordinators no later than 30 JUL each year, per BUPERSINST 1650.12E. Please use resources below to complete package submission and earn recognition for your command's community service efforts.

Currently women serve in almost every area of Naval day to day operations, both ashore and at sea. Many have seen active service overseas, and female officers now command shore establishments and serve on Navy ships.

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The Special Services Group Navy, or Special Service Group Navy codename SSG(N), are the 's elite principal force component. Together with the special forces of the , (including ), and , they form the Pakistan Special Operations Command (P-SOC) under the joint administrative control of the of the . The SSG(N) are trained to conduct sea-air-land incursion, counter-terrorism, naval intelligence gathering, hostage rescue, and boarding. The SSG(N) are deployed on a wide variety of missions, including and , , , , , and other missions. All SSG(N) personnel are male, active-duty members of the . The details of most SSG(N) missions are highly secretive, and the identities of operatives are kept classified.

The poor performances in 1971 war led the decommissioning of the Marines from their services, although Navy kept its special forces programme. Adopting new defence policy in 1974, the was established under and the combat training began with the . Many of army special forces officers were drafted to Navy to provide the military training. (Retired) Sajjad Ali Shah, was among the notable drafted officers from army's (SSG) officers into the Navy. Earlier, Shah was selected and sent to the United States in 1974 to undergo the U.S. Navy Sea, Air, and Land training, commonly known as the . After the successful completion of the world's toughest course, he was selected for basic underwater demolition course at amphibious base, , . On returning to Pakistan, he was given the task of raising Navy commando unit in Karachi and subsequently drafted into Navy. Shah, now as Commander, also took part in formulating and implementing new ideas in SSG(N). As of today, the SSG(N) teams are currently participating in recent insurgencies in Pakistan, and provide vital support of Army and Air Force's Special Operations. Special Services Group Navy responded to deadly and cleared the naval base from terrorists belong to .