Sex Criminals, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Sex Criminals Volume 3: Three the Hard Way (Sex Criminals Tp)


“Sex Criminals” No. 1, Page 27. (Chip Zdarsky / Image Comics)

But lets get back to Sex Criminals, because, well — you should be reading it right now and I need to convince you of that. The series was named the best comic of the year in 2013 by Time Magazine, and the series was nominated for two Eisner Awards in 2014 including Best Continuing Series and won Best New Series. Here is the official plot synopsis from the back of the first issue:

One of my current favorite comic book writers is Matt Fraction, and his Sex Criminals is one of my favorite on-going comic book series of the moment. I once half seriously joked on Twitter that David Fincher should direct the live action adaptation based on a screenplay adaptation from Chuck Palahniuk and John August. Now my dream version probably won’t ever happen, but Universal has signed Fraction and his collaborator/wife Kelly Sue DeConnick to a two-year television deal to develop comic book properties for the small screen. The first of which is, yes, Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky’s Image Comics series Sex Criminals. Find out more about their deal and the Sex Criminals tv series, after the jump.

Here is a 3 page preview of Sex Criminals #1!

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Here is a 3 page preview of Sex Criminals #1!

After two good volumes, SEX CRIMINALS: Three the Hard Way by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky was a disappointment. While Jon and Suzi’s relationship progresses some from , otherwise the book is just treading water. We meet a lot of new sex-powered characters I assume will pay off in later installments, but they don’t do enough to be interesting; there’s a lengthy lecture on what constitutes normal; and way too much metafictional stuff, some of which works but not the biggest piece. I hope this picks up with Vol. 4 or I won’t bother with this again.

As much as I first imagined the adaptation as a feature film, I’m very excited about the prospect of a Sex Criminals tv series because the story is one adventure which keeps unfolding in serialized television fashion.