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A Boy Named Shel: The Life and Times of Shel Silverstein


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Just for added fun, below we have included a kind of video Shel Silverstein biography that we found online research. The video is a slideshow of pictures of his books, music albums and of Shel himself. The audio for the video slideshow is Johnny Cash singing, , the song Shel wrote for him.

This Shel Silverstein biography basically gives you the pertinent dates and facts. Also, you will find some story synopsis's of a couple of his books. The information provided in this book is not broken up in a chronological order but, rather into different career categories. I would suggest a reading level of ages 8 and up for this biography book.

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Shel Silverstein Biography
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I recommend this Shel Silverstein biography for ages 8 and up. Simple in text and written in chronological order of the events in Shel's life, this book is a good one for children.