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The Shield-Maiden: A Foreworld SideQuest (The Foreworld Saga)

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Are you all ready for some PAX SideQuEAST news? We hope so! Keep an eye out for an announcement and tickets later this afternoon! Tickets will be $25/person to cover food for everyone and our venue, but we have limited space! If you want to attend, be sure to get your ticket ASAP after we put them up!

We'll have more information on the Community Compendium editor position, an RTSQ for Child's Play wrap-up post, news about a NEW event called SX SideQuest, and other cool stuff coming this weekend.

Enim Filii!

Hey there community! We're still working on getting an RTSQ for Child's Play wrap-up posted, but in the meantime we wanted to share an opportunity for YOU to contribute to RT SideQuest!

If you've been around a while, you may recall the we put together a while back. The intent was to collect active RT community groups and such in one place to make it easier for new community members to get involved right away. While it was a great success early on, it's a pretty daunting task to keep it updated, and so it's currently pretty far out of date.

That's why we're looking for someone to serve as our new Community Compendium Editor!

We're looking for someone with a passion for this community to take ownership of keeping the Community Compendium updated with the latest RT community group information. We're thinking monthly updates, not daily or weekly. You'd be in charge of adding new and upcoming groups, removing old and inactive ones, and keeping the Group+Event map current.

If you're interested, comment on this post and we'll get in touch with you!

Note: This is purely a volunteer gig. You're not getting paid. Except in

RT-SideQuest IncPO Box 170727Austin, TX 78717USA

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete CollectionFinal Fantasy IV Adamant Isle Grotto - Eidolon search sidequest - Feymarch - Geryon - Lair of the Father - Lunar Ruins - Namingway - Proto-Babil - Sylph Cave - Whyt
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Kokkol Ore - Challenge Dungeon - Tail Collector - Lost Babil

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As of this post there are only 8 tickets left for PAX SideQuEAST! The event will have food, Rooster Teeth community fun, and even some RT Extra Life and Let's Play Live EXCLUSIVE posters to give away!

Tickets for PAX SideQuEAST can be bought at

Then share with the community that you're going via the community event page at

Also, we're making some last minute, very casual plans for a SX SideQuest event. Is anyone heading to Austin for SXSW?

We've got some exciting news about our upcoming events (including RTSQ for Child's Play, RTSQ for Make-A-Wish, and PAX SideQuEAST) that's getting posted tomorrow! But did you know we have NEW videos on ?

That's right! has been busy crafting great recaps of some of our 2014 events! Watch everyone get fancy at RTX in our . And then check out how we raised over $5,000 for Children's Miracle Network (also watch me dance with ) in our recap of !