Hypothetically Speaking

Simmering Anger

Think hypothetically - let’s say something bad happened to you. You are initially not very bothered by it since it is not such a big deal in the overall picture. You try to mend it and make it alright. The person who has done you bad refuses to back down - it all turns into a big fight. There are sides in the fight now. There are people who support you since the wrong was done to you (regardless of the how big or small deal it is) - there are people who support the person who wronged you.

Now, you start wondering why would someone support someone who obviously did something wrong and refuses to accept any responsibility. As far as I can tell, some people are perpetual champions of the underdog and the only quailification be that the person is an underdog - he/she doesn’t have to be in the right. Some people on the other hand, have no bone in the fight, but just like appearing all compassionate or understanding - again, doesn’t matter who did wrong or who did right.

Ultimately, the whole dynamic breaks down into a group who want justice served regardless of the size of the transgression, a group who will give a pass in the name of compassion without so much as a pause to think about the offended sensibilities of the victim and even if the wrongdoer still refuses to admit he/she did anything wrong and finally a group of people who just snipe at everybody depending on the opportunity.

Seriously, if you are in the first group, you would be getting more and more angry by now and something that didn’t seem like such a big deal now becomes a fight to get justice since the other side will not give you an inch without trying to play victim (I know wrongdoers playing victim is the classic problem in a lot of cases we are seeing these days). Apparently as far as a few people are concerned, doing right doesn’t matter. Of course, there are gray areas in all these scenarios, but how is one side helping but entrench the other side unless they are willing to meet them half-way? When a simple sorry will do to alleviate a lot of trouble, it is very disingenuous to actually concoct a cock-and-bull story and then accuse your accusers of a witch-hunt. Sometimes, some people deserve all they get.

Note: There is a reason I am not naming any names here - we wouldn’t want to start a feeding frenzy here now, do we?

Apprentice Finale

Trump is an asshole! He sucks to have out Randall on a spot like that since his lovable little Becky didn’t win the Apprenticeship. Man, I completely fail to see one merit in that woman except her irrational love for Toral. Since Trump couldn’t hire her without pissing off an entire contingent of TV audience who can clearly see Randall is heand and shoulders above Rebecca, he had to hire Randall and try to force him into hiring Rebecca too. What a horrible move! I am glad Randall stood up for himself and asked Trump to shove his Rebecca love where the sun don’t shine!

Update: Here is how I see it. Trump has been so in love with Rebecca that through the episode he was extremely careful to praise Randall and Rebecca - maybe, Rebecca more than Randall to the point that he was overtly pushing for Randall to submit and agree to have a co-winner. If I were Randall, the very fact that some one is trying force me to make a decision a certain way would be enough to piss me off to the point I will do the exact opposite, consequences be damned!