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Skulduggery Pleasant is an Elemental and a " living ..

What do I think about this book?
It is quite an irony that Skulduggery Pleasant books often came up in lists by Librarians and Bloggers as being a good read for kids hungering for a Harry Potter readalike. The Skulduggery Pleasant series has become so popular, that I have readers asking me for Skulduggery Pleasant readalikes! I am intrigued as in the first book which I am reading now, I have just met Tanith Low and she seems to have some good in her? I obviously need to keep reading the whole series so I can find out what happens with her. This book will be pre-ordered so that we have it as soon as it is released, because I know it will be extremely popular.

Global sales of the nine Skulduggery Pleasant books are available in 36 languages and have reached global sales of more than five million, according to HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Skulduggery was one of the leaders of the resistance ..

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