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During the year 2010, the band has suffered by loosing members, Austin Carlile(Screamer) and Jaxin Hall (Bassist). The band then recruited Jerry Roush (ex Sky Eats Airplain) as front man. Though this line up would not last as the band let go of Jerry and brought back orignal vocalist Austin Carlile. After this, the band spent time writing and recording their sophomore album "The Flood". "The Flood", released on June 14, 2011 is packed with aggressive screams, hardcore breakdowns, fast paced drumming, bass drops and unique singing. It has 11 songs but the physical copy has a hidden bonus track.

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    Of Mice & Men have been through hell and back between full lengths. First came the departure of vocalist Austin due to conflicts with part of the band. He was then replaced by Jerry Roush (formerly of Sky Eats Airplane) took over vocals, leaving a sense of emptiness in the band. It was announced earlier this year that Jerry was out and Austin was back, with a new guitarist and some passionate fuel for the fire that would become OM&M's second effort, "The Flood". This album is so far away from the original in ways, yet sounds like familiar territory with Austin's screams, Jaxin's croony cleans, and the bands southern metalcore vibe. Songs like "Still YDG'N" and "Ben Threw" are laiden with bouncy breakdowns and catchy melody lines, while "Let Live" plays more like a modern rock radio single. "My Understandings" is the biggest surprise this album has to throw at you, with it's laid back, melodic feel that caught me truly off guard. The disk, in my eyes, has no visible musical flaws, and is a very enjoyable instrumental listen for fans of the metalcore/post-hardcore genre.

    So why all the talk about Reggie & the Full Effect's first two albums? Maybe it's because Sky Eats Airplane sound like they've listened to those albums more than most people you know, and yet they never figured out that it was a joke. combines poppy electronics and whiny vocals with metalcore's crunchy attack and shouts that sound a hell of a lot like Sean Ingram from Coalesce. Yet, there are two major problems here. One is that this band is dead serious. They think combining something that sounds like it's from a Postal Service song with a breakdown from a Botch song is an artistically viable move. The second problem is that Sky Eats Airplane aren't very well-versed in electronic pop or metalcore. The programmed beats sound like they are from an 808 drum machine tutorial, while the blips and bleeps seem to ditch structure, melody and compliment in exchange for a mere "sounds cool" factor. At the other end of the spectrum the guitars are content with metalcore clichés, neverbranching out from chugga-chugga or dun dun screech, dun dun screech parts.