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Skymarks American Airlines B777-200 1/200 $35.95

Skymark filed for under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law (which is equivalent to a in the United States of America or an in the United Kingdom) at the Tokyo District Court in January 2015 after reporting ¥71 billion (or $571.3 million) in liabilities. It announced that Nishikubo would step down as CEO and would be replaced by CFO Masakazu Arimori. Skymark announced that the A330s would be withdrawn from operation in March, and that various services to Okinawa and Kyushu would be eliminated. In an attempt to regain price competitiveness, Skymark introduced a fare of ¥8,000 on the Haneda-Fukuoka route, 1,800 cheaper than the next cheapest competitor, . Skymark was approached by several potential sponsors early in its bankruptcy proceedings, including ANA, , and .

Located in retail strip at 790 Skymarks Drive, the new Firehouse Subs is located on the north end of the sprawling River City Marketplace in a retail strip that will also welcome neighbors and Smoothie King in the coming weeks.

Skymarks Thai Royal Barge Boeing 747-400 Scale 1 200 SKR176

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Re: Skymarks quality? Close to Hogan?

Just so we aren't guilty of perpetuating any myths here . . . neither Hogan, Herpa, Risesoon or Skymarks (or the other diecast mass manufacturers) actually use decals on their models. Everything is tampo printed, which is a very advanced method of printing that can apply a 2D image to a 3D object.

Skymarks Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300 1/200 Scale SKR660

As the Airbus dispute lingered, Skymark pursued new sources of cash. It announced in November 2014 that it was exploring a cooperative relationship with under which Skymark's 36 daily round trips to and from would be with JAL, subject to approval by the . Skymark initially pursued JAL due to a perception that JAL could not threaten Skymark's independence; the terms of JAL's bankruptcy restructuring prevented it from making an investment in Skymark. However, the Japanese government pressed Skymark to make the codeshare trilateral with both JAL and ANA, reflecting the ruling 's preference for ANA. Skymark also attempted a of over 1 billion yen in equipment as a cash-raising measure, negotiating with a JAL-affiliated trading company and then with an ANA-affiliated trading company. In January 2015, ANA refused to provide financial support to Skymark, and several investment funds also balked at the prospect of injecting cash into the company.

Skymark's restructuring plan, submitted to the court in May, called for turnaround sponsor Japanese private equity fund Integral to own 50.1% of the recapitalized company, ANA to own 16.5%, and the remainder 33.4% to be owned by an investment fund controlled by government-affiliated and , with Integral providing the new chairman, DBJ providing the new CEO, and code sharing between Skymark and ANA.