B.J. Mendelson - Social Media Is Bullshit

Social Media Is Bullshit



B.J. Mendelson takes to Media Mayhem to make the assertion that Facebook is "absolutely ineffective," and Twitter is all hype.
He also reveals the dark heart of the Huffington Post, the reason Occupy was a fizzle while the Tea Party gets their agenda moved forward (*hint--it's money!), and why journalism has become a bad rehash of a few 'power-users.'

B.J. Mendelson has contributed to The Huffington Post, CNN, MTV's O Music Awards, Mashable, Forbes, the Eisner-nominated ComicsAlliance, and other national outlets. He regrets writing for all but two of them.
In February of 2003, B.J.'s "Universal Break-up Card" was featured on BoingBoing, Fark, GorillaMask, College Humor, and many other websites. This would be the first of a long string of humor columns for B.J. to go viral.
B.J. was also previously a new media director for a television show that aired in forty million homes through ABC affiliates across America, a syndicated college survival columnist with CBS College Sports, and has been quoted and featured in Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today, Smart Money Magazine, and other national outlets.
He has talked about the myth of social media at such colleges as SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Alfred, Marist College, and the University at Albany, among others. Just recently, he debated the ambassador to Pakistan at the United Nations.
His first book, Social Media Is Bullshit was published by St. Martin's Press and released on September 4th, 2012.


Coming up on Media Mayhem, B.J. Mendelson calls out the Huffington Post.
Introducing B.J. Mendelson.
How to get 700,000+ followers on Twitter.
Why Twitter was relevant in Egypt, and not for nearly everyone else.
Journalists using Twitter as a resource.
Fake stories and media consolidation polluting journalism.
Napster as a case study in what's wrong with the media narrative.
The corporate control of the top 50 blogs and podcasts.
The Huffington Post model of journalist sharecropping.
The reason that Occupy fizzled and the Tea Party thrives.
Promoting on Twitter--"The internet is great if you're rich or a celebrity."
Reaction to the Clinton speech from the Twitterverse.
Understanding the numbers of social media.
The place for agreement and not discussion--the far left and right.
Contrasting the support and organization of Occupy and the Tea Party.
"Stay away from Facebook, it is absolutely ineffective."
Thanks and Goodbye.

Social media is bullshit. So called Gurus like Seth Godin sell nothing but utter bullshit. Only mentally challenged people with low IQs and no ability to think for themselves find Godin´s bollocks helpful. Intelligent people laugh about the guy. People like Godin can only survive since the majority of this world is made up of easy to fool stupid morons. That´s why the elite of this world is able to screw us – 95% just don´t get how badly they are being screwed every day.

Since my actual book, Social Media Is Bullshit, ..

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    Bob tells Bonnie he has a copy of Social Media is Bullshit and he’ll lend it to her because it could be misinterpretation of a misinterpretation.

    Mendelson says he wrote the book to prevent good people from getting screwed. In my opinion, by selling a bill of goods that offers a blanket generalization that social media is bullshit without fully offering a balanced view of businesses who use and don’t use social media marketing, Mr. Mendleson is unfortunately screwing just as many people as he’s protecting.