SOS from titanic heard in Welsh Shed

Conclusion. Despite the numerous cautions, I found SOS Titanic to be a worthwhile read.

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SOS Titanic


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The book SOS TITANIC tells about how people thought that the Titanic would not sink and when all of the life boats were gone people would run for safety here and there and there would be no safety!

SOS Titanic is a game whose mechanic is based on the well-known game of. The players embody crew members whose goal is to save as many passengers as possible.

SOS TITANIC by Eve Bunting | Kirkus Reviews

  • SOS Titanic was originally shown on two nights on ABC television beginning on September 23, 1979. Combined, the two parts ran 150 minutes. This version has never been commercially available, although it is shown on TV occasionally and bootleg copies sometimes surface on the internet.
  • In 1980, the film was edited to 103 minutes and released theatrically in Europe. This version was released on DVD globally. In the shorter version, some storylines (for example, a story of an elderly couple of modest Irish farmers who had sold their property for moving to the USA) were completely cut.
  • Another video release briefly surfaced in North America in the early 1990s, edited to 90 minutes in order to fit the film on a shorter VHS tape.
  • SOS Titanic was re-released on DVD in the UK in April 2012 by distributor Studio Canal.[1] This is also a shorter, 98 minute version.[2]

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I really felt that the author (Eve Bunting in this case) really studied what happened on the Titanic. The book was completely filled with all mixed emotions and made you happy, and at the same time made you want to cry. All of the action and drama in the character's life leading up to the climax of SOS Titanic was really overwhelming, yet so entertaining. This is by far one of Eve Bunting's best.

SOS Titanic did not attempt to disguise the fact that several people on board dreamed of and “foresaw” the doom of the Titanic. One of these people was Barry’s steward, Watley, who believes he can see the future and warns Barry that the Titanic will sink.