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FM 31-20 Special Forces Operational Techniques: 30 December, 1965

Special Forces are trained to take on the toughest missions in the world's most challenging environments. They stand apart from regular military forces because of the extent and variety of their training and their ability to master any situation. This book is a practical guide to their training and unique skills. In order to complete their missions successfully, Special Forces soldiers must escape dangers specific to each environment, and use the land they are in not only to survive, but to evade capture. They often have to operate in remote areas, for example when monitoring the movement of enemy missile units in the desert or intercepting insurgents in the jungle. Special Forces need to be able to master extreme environments. Special Forces soldiers are also trained to learn from and respect people who are native to particular environments, whether it is the Inuit people of the arctic, the Bedouin of the desert, or the Dayaks of the Borneo jungle. This book will provide an insight into those native skills. Special Forces Survival Techniques is about the inside knowledge and key survival training that helps Special Forces to carry out their missions in extreme environments around the world, or to escape from danger and fight another day. You do not have to be in the Special Forces to benefit from learning their skills. Apart from dealing with often complex and demanding missions that require extreme skill and determination, Special Forces must also be able to survive in any environment. This includes arctic, mountain, desert, and jungle environments. This book is divided into chapters with skills that are particular to each environment

Along with the Vietnam-era "Ranger Handbook" and "Special Forces Handbook," the 1965 edition of Field Manual 31-20 Special Forces Operational Techniques was the bible of the Green Beret of the Vietnam War. From the Preface: "This manual discusses operational techniques in consonance with doctrine outlined in FM 31-21 which may be used by Special Forces. These methods are applicable to both nuclear and nonnuclear warfare in either unconventional warfare (UW) or counterinsurgency operations. This manual describes intelligence, psychological considerations, infiltration, air operations, amphibious operations, communications, logistics, demolitions, Special Forces field maneuvers, medical aspects and other techniques." This manual provided operational guidance to Special Forces advisors, MACV-SOG recon teams and other clandestine Allied troops in Vietnam. Presented in Special Operations Press' distinctive ERDL camouflage cover, denoting a Vietnam-era publication, this 2013 reprint of the 1965 edition of FM 31-20 is an easy to read, 6 x 9 inch, 540 page perfect-bound paperback printed on first quality paper in the USA.

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ARTIFACT:This is a late Cold War era United States Army Training Circular “Special Forces Operational Techniques” TC 31-29 published in September 1988.