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Speed Racer Mach 5 steering wheel hub.

Speed Racer

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Stills from Speed Racer (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Taken together, the program's title means, "Mach-go, Mifune, Go!". This is what the saying "Go, Speed Racer, Go!" comes from, taking out Gō Mifune and replacing it with his English name.

A young man named Speed Racer wants to become a professional racer, despite the lack of Pops Racer's (his father) approval. When Pops reluctantly quits his job after the corporation he was working for declined production of a modified engine for his new racing car, the Mach 5, he later thinks of creating his own family owned company, Racer Motors (Mifune Motors in Japan). He realizes that he would need a great amount of money to make his idea work. Nonetheless, Pops conceals his plans for the Mach 5's new engine on a windshield. Speed, who values the welfare of his family, decides to take it upon himself to obtain the money for Pops. In hopes of using his unique driving skills to do so, Speed decides to do what he does best and enters a race.

Stills from Speed Racer (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Stills from Speed Racer (Source: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The long-time land-speed racer first stepped foot on the Bonneville Salt Flats as a high school senior in 1958. He was a founding member of the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association and was president for some 30 years. He's owned cars capable of surpassing 200 miles per hour.

The manga spawned an anime adaptation which became a bigger success than the manga which was created around the same time as its appearance. In 1997, Tatsunoko produced a modernized version of which aired on and lasted for 34 episodes. An English adaptation of this remake was produced by titled , which aired in 2002 on , but only the first 11 episodes were adapted due to licensing disputes between DiC and the Speed Racer Enterprise.