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The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Complete Series: The Field Guide; The Seeing Stone; Lucinda's Secret; The Ironwood Tree; The Wrath of Mulgrath


The Spiderwick Chronicles - Children’s Book Series

Sorry that this isn't a fully in depth review, but since this is the final book I didn't want to get too in depth. I will say please AT LEAST read through the first book before making any judgement calls. Some people will read Jared's "lard ass" comment and automatically write him and the series off (I almost did). Really by the end of the book you'll see that overall BTSWC does keep the Grace children in character. I even found myself endeared to the Vargas family as well by the time it was all over. If nothing else this series is worthwhile for getting a chance to see a certain someone in person you never get to see in the original Spiderwick Chronicles books!

The Spiderwick Chronicles series began in 2003 with the novel The Field Guide. The series lasted five books, concluding in 2004 with the novel The Wrath of Mulgarath. Beyond that, there are several companion and spin-off books. Below is a list of the Spiderwick Chronicles books in order of when they were originally published (which is also their chronological order):

The Spiderwick Chronicles series by Holly Black

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