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Counseling with the Mind of Christ: The Dynamics of Spirituotherapy

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"Spirituotherapy is a word coined by Dr

- Despite Solomon paying lip-service in to the evils ofpsychotherapy, "another Christian psychology" is exactly what Spirituotherapyis -- its roots are , but with a little thrown in: (Allemphases added.)

(a) Solomon quotes from Glasser's ("At all times in ourlives we must have at least one other person who cares about us and whom we carefor ourselves. If we do not have this essential person, we will not be ableto fulfill our basic needs. One characteristic is essential in the other person: he mustbe in touch with reality himself and able to fulfill his own needs in the world.")and says, "This, too, is the basic premise of Spirituotherapy; the primedifference is that the Person who meets our needs is the Lord Jesus Christ --not ahuman therapist. If Glasser's book were read with this significant substitution, theapproach of Spirituotherapy would be approximated" (p. 20).

Psychotherapy vs Spirituotherapy | "Fruit of the Spirit"

  • Counseling with the mind of Christ : the dynamics of spirituotherapy
  • Their Spirituotherapy Workshop is Monday-Thursday, August 8-11.

    (b) "The counselor in Spirituotherapy is not a therapist but a spiritualguide. The therapy is accompanied by the Master Therapist, the Holy Spirit.Thus, the therapy of the Holy Spirit within the human spirit results in deliverancefrom psychological symptoms caused by spiritual maladjustment. This is not tosay that all psychological difficulties have a spiritual genesis. Many, ifnot most, of these stem from early childhood, and psychology is beneficial inunderstanding some of the resultant behavior" (p. 21).
    (c) "... more than ninety per cent of all Christians never experiencethe abundant or victorious life, so they do not understand how deep psychologicalproblems can be resolved" (p. 23).

    Grace Fellowship International uses the Spirituotherapy model in counseling and training. Dr. Charles Solomon coined this term through his doctoral project at the University of Northern Colorado in 1972. This has been popularized through his Handbook to Happiness (Tyndale House) and Handbook for Christ Centered Counseling. This site is a ministry of