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It was recently brought to our attention, that while we ‘ve often talked about and given away promo codes for SplashID iPhone app, we ‘ve never actually published a formal review. So here I am to rectify that oversight!

Note: There is also a free version of the SplashID desktop app. SplashData still has the previous 4.6 version of SplashID available on their website for free download. They note this is the last free update to this version. Upgrading to the current version 5 is $9.95.

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  • Download the Splashtop Personal app on the mobile device or computer you’d like to remote from.
  • SplashID Safe – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store

    The SplashID desktop application allows you to store sensitive business data -- such as usernames, passwords and financial records -- in a secure, encrypted database. The developer of SplashID also provides an official iPad application that allows you to sync your encrypted data between your computer and iPad, ensuring all your saved information is up-to-date on both devices and accessible at all times.

    SplashID App Updates Dear SplashID friends, Hope you’re having a good start to 2016! Our development team has been busy, and we have a number of SplashID updates for you. To take advantage of all the features and enjoy access