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Spy is a 2015 American spy comedy film written and directed by Paul Feig

Spy Kids 2

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Spy Kids 3: Game Over

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Spy Kids

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The first Spy Kids film still had the goofiness and charm that all kids who grew up with it will get a kick out of it. But, as they grow up to become adults, I think that they will start to realize that the films are really dated especially the first three movies. Also, they didn't even bother with the 4th one either and that's where the franchise died off.

To mark the release, we've collated our favourite spy films of all time, from le Carré-style gritty realism to the outlandish espionage fantasises of Jason Bourne and (of course) James Bond, meaning there is something there for everyone – wherever your allegiances lie.

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    Remember my review for the first Spy Kids film where I mentioned that I had a fun time watching it, but I can totally understand why grown-ups wouldn't enjoyed it as much when they were youngsters back in the day?

    The voice-over in the trailer for Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman's thriller about a U.S. Naval officer investigating a murder is pure eighties overkill. The plot, however, still stands up as one of the best spy films committed to film, with Gene Hackman turning in an on-the-money performance as the Secretary Of Defence trying to shift the blame for his promiscuous wife's murder away from himself and on to a rumoured Soviet sleeper agent named Yuri, while tasking Costner – the other man in the affair – to investigate. Called "truly labyrinthine and ingenious" and a "" in the late, great movie critic Roger Ebert's original review, it's Hackman and Costner's performances that elevate this to a classic. For anyone disappointed with this year's lacklustre Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, this is the film to watch to see Costner playing the spy game properly.