Star Crossed - Emery & Roman. Miss this show!

Star Crossed

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Star Crossed airs Tuesday Nights on the CW

What starts out as a star crossed lovers story gradually changes focus to explore moral conflicts with integration and racism Both humans and aliens feel like they are the superior race so they fight each other to try to achieve the most power. The seven aliens and their families help each other out and take great risks to ensure their survival.

Star Crossed Lovers. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Hunger Games club tagged: katniss everdeen the hunger games fan art movie peeta mellark characters star crossed lovers.

Star Crossed. Not sure about the show but this guy sure is Hott!!

  • Emma

    I just finished watching star crossed on Netflix and it was AMAZING! The actors and actresses really bring the show to life! I hope that it isn’t to late for the CW to renew the show because a season 2 would be awesome. I think that since the show is now on Netflix it has brought in a lot of new fans. I have to say I am disappointed they would just leave a cliffhanger like that… But I truly believe that renewing the show would be a HUGE success. The only way to get the CW network to renew the show is to show them that we (the fans) think they made a big mistake!! So tell your friends about it!!!

  • #StarCrossed - Season 1 Episode 1

    Please bring Starcrossed back it is one of the best shows ever my sister showed Starcroosed to me this Monday and I Finshed it the next day please bring it back. I got my best friend by watching this show it mean so much to us.

    Please bring star crossed back I love this show and miss it I love to see session 2 I always made it home to see it so please please bring it back