Opening and music of 'Star of Africa'.

Star of Africa (Ben Hope, Book 13)


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The largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered in the history of mankind and roughly weighing in at 3106.75 carat is called The Cullinan Diamond. The diamond was found in 1905 the 26th of January the Premier No. 2 mine, near Pretoria, South Africa. The largest dimension of The Cullinan Diamond was roughly 10.5 cm (4.1 inches). Cullinan 1 or the Great Star of Africa is the name referred to the largest polished gem from the stone.

Today, the magnificent pear shaped Star of Africa is part of the British crown jewels collection. It is currently set in the royal scepter and kept in the Tower of London.


The world's biggest diamond, has always been believed to be the Cullinan until recently.

The Cullinan Diamond was discovered in 1905 in South Africa. It was named after the owner of the mining company. It weight in at 3,106 carats and was the largest gem-quality rough diamonds ever found. It was cut into 105 gems. Cullinan I, 530 carats is the largest of the cuts and is know as the Great Star of Africa. In 1907 this diamond was given to King Edward VII of England and set into the Royal Scepter. It is kept, along with the other British Crown Jewels, in the Tower of London.

This New Diamond that has been found is said to be twice the size of the Cullinan. It weights in at 7000 carts. It was discovered in the North-West Province of South Africa in an informal dig by a small mining company. There is only one photograph of this so called Biggest Diamond in the World and it was taken by a cell phone. It is a little choppy. Many people in the diamond industry are skeptical of this new find. Maybe because they do not want to see the title of the Cullinan be broken or a little jealous that they did not find it. If it is real, the potential worth is at more than £50 million. Either way, we will all know soon enough which diamond will have the title of THE WORLD’S BIGGEST DIAMOND!


Opening and music of 'Star of Africa'

The Star of Africa or Cullinan I is currently the largest polished, colorless diamond in the world and weighs a hefty 530.20 carats. Interestingly, this diamond was cut from a larger piece of diamond which weighed 3106 carats initially.

Most famous of these was the largest, flawless cut diamond in the world – the First Star of Africa, weighing 530 carats, mounted atop the Sovereign’s Sceptre – and the Second Star of Africa, weighing 317 carats, centrally located in the Imperial State Crown. This new find is so significant that it is in a class apart, though of course it needs to be further analysed, in order to assess its potential value, after which it will be offered up for auction, probably in July 2014.