STAR Reading is easy to set up and use.

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STAR Reading Assessment Program Review

STAR Reading is a solid reading assessment program especially if you already use the Accelerated Reader program. Its best features are that it is quick and easy to use and reports can be generated in seconds. The assessment relies too much on cloze reading passages within the assessment. I believe a truly accurate reading assessment would use a more balanced approach. However, if you already use other , then STAR would provide some additional feedback that is beneficial. Overall I give this program 3.5 out of 5 stars primarily because the assessment itself isn’t broad enough.

STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy and STAR Math are , assessments created by , Inc., for use in K-12 education. Each is a "" assessment of a skill (reading practice, math practice, and early literacy, respectively) that can be used any number of times due to technology. These assessments fall somewhere between progress monitoring tools ("") and .

STAR Reading is a Renaissance Learning program

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    STAR, as an acronym, used to mean "Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading." This meaning is no longer maintained, as the company has created STAR assessments for skills in domains other than reading. STAR Reading, the first STAR assessment, was originally just "STAR." Since the creation of STAR Math, the original STAR has been renamed to STAR Reading. Confusion may also arise with California's STAR () or the published by the , but these are not the same assessments.

    The purpose of STAR Reading is to assess student reading skills. The assessment provides an approximate measure of each students' reading level. The company claims that students can complete the assessment in less than 10 minutes.