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There has been an awakening in the Force

Expect to pay an absorbent amount for any of the larger Star Wars LEGO sets. And due to the sheer size and parts list for putting together such a set, it is difficult to find someone to do it.

When I reported on the confirmation of this Star Wars LEGO Ewok Village 10236 set last week, I speculated that I’d be thrilled if the set was comprised of more than two trees. LEGO outdid itself, as you get four huge trees that make up the basis for the rest of the huge Ewok Village set!

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Master your Force in the heat of battle with LEGO Star Wars games

Fancy creating the Palpatine set, the one with all the Jedi's (can't remember the name of it), and selling it for $160 in Australia! Are you serious?! And for the same money I can buy Helm's Deep. It's a no-brainer! Yes we all know that there are genres of LEGO that get over-priced, but, I hate to say it (and never thought I would), I'm over Star Wars LEGO.

If you are looking for any of the custom made Star Wars LEGO chess sets, although there have been some sellers on Ebay offering a set here and there, most have to be . There are Ebay sellers who offer to build custom sets, like and . They can build sets off designs that has already been established or create an entirely new design.