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Stephen Dillane at the 2013 London BFI Film Awards.


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Game Of Thrones: Stephen Dillane Admits He Hated Playing Stannis Baratheon #news #fashion

Welcome To Sarajevo

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Deja vu

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It's set in the wake of the economic crash, as Greek entrepreneur Harry (Stephen Dillane) finds himself in trouble after expanding his food empire into property development. A single dad, he relies on nanny Mrs Parrington (Cadell) to help care for his three kids: law student James (Frank Dillane) would rather be a gardener, 18-year-old Katie (Groome) only thinks about shopping and boys, and youngest son Theo (Underhill) thinks he's already a tycoon. So when administrators (Stoppard and Shaw) arrive to enforce some downsizing, it's a big shock. And for Harry, it becomes unbearable when his estranged black-sheep brother Spiros (Corraface) refuses to sell the family's defunct fish and chips cafe and insists that they re-open it together.

You'll never look at Stephen Dillane the same way again. In this movie he's a smoldering Englishmen who goes to extremes in his desire to have a family.

stephen dillane | Stephen Dillane

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Stephen Dillane ~ Stannis Baratheon

A look at Mal (Stephen Dillane) from 44 Inch Chest. Mal is a sharp operator, often the instigator of the group. He is malignant and malicious. He's the one who's not afraid to do the violence.

Stephen Dillane seemingly emerged from nowhere and garnered strong critical notices in Michael Winterbottom's superb "Welcome to Sarajevo" (1997). Despite the presence of such higher profile co-stars as Woody Harrelson, Emily Lloyd and Marisa Tomei, the thin actor with the prominent widow's peak was the solid center of this based-on-fact story. As a British TV journalist covering the fighting in Bosnia, Dillane offered a powerful but understated performance.