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Accordingly, "the bottom line" concerning the Stereophile RCL is simple, obvious and :


Stereophile has announced its Best Product Awards for 2012. They are as follows:

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Ross- "...I would like to think that the attention (of Stereophile's critics) is motivated by a desire to help make the publication a better one..."

"But Mr. Salvatore's statistical analysis is based on the fallacious assumption that Stereophile's selection of components for review is based on a representative sampling of all the products that are available. As I explained in another post today, we rigorously try _not_ to be representative when we choose products for review. Mr. Salvatore's argment falls flat on its face therefore.

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    Magazine Stereophile may come after me for publishing from their articles, but I hope they’ll forgive me for posting some graphs and commenting on three recent loudspeaker reviews and the measurements associated. I highly recommend this magazine, not least due to the measurements carried out by John Atkinson. If you're into speaker design, you will find Mr. Atkinson’s measurements of value in evaluating your own designs. Few of us have the opportunity to perform measurements and compare sonic quality from such large number of speakers.

    1. I used a deceptive ("strawman") argument and a fallacious assumption. 2. I broke a "confidence" with Michael Fremer. 3. I invented "conspiracy theories" concerning Stereophile.