The Story Of King Midas [Infographic]

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Story Of First King's Four Gods Ep24

Last Sunday I spoke of the story of King Herod whom God invited to the birth of His Son. The invitation was hand carried to him by Magi from the East who inquired of him about the birth of the King of the Jews. The Bible tells us that Herod had asked the Magi to search carefully for the child and when they find Him to let him know so that he too could worship Him. Behind his endearing words was a sinister plot.

The LikeTelevision™ cartoon channel presents The Story of King Midas. This is the classic fairy tale of the greedy king who wants everything he touches to turn to gold, that is until he turns his daughter into a gold statue and learns what he really treasures. This is the stop motion animation style of cartoon and features a bizarre character who looks like Nosferatu's brother or some kind of alien creature. All in all - a fun and weird short video.

Story of King Midas, The (1953) - Color - 12 min

The Story of King Krush [Hearthstone Lore]

This story does not give an accurate account of the history surrounding Samuel, King Saul, or and especially King David. Next time read, study the Bible like you would any other biographical media that’s not only entertaining but also shows the TRUE events that happened. Start with 1 Samuel 15 KJV(King James Version is my personal favorite). The story of King David is fascinating all by itself; sensationalism is not necessary. Please when dealing with This great and Holy Book make sure your story is both entertaining and Accurate.
May God give gift of interpretation and understanding of His Word. Amen

We offer here a version of the legends called The Story of King Arthur and his Knights. It was written and illustrated by Howard Pyle. He was a great American writer/illustrator who wrote several wonderful books about King Arthur and other books about pirates and Robin Hood. His illustrations are considered some of the best ever made and were in great demand during his lifetime. The Story of King Arthur and his Knights was published in 1903.