Q: Where does the expression "Strong like bull!" originate?

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STRONG LIKE BULL sings "Against the Law" by Woody Guthrie

Although the first time I can recall hearing the expression “strong like bull” was by Ben Stiller’s character in the film Something About Mary, I understand that its actual origin is disputed. That aside, Brian wanted his magnet to be strong, thus the catchy name. When I first heard it, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about them!

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Strong Like Helm – Double Oak, Texas

Price:USA: $37 for 4, $53 for 6, $69 for 8. International: $45 for 4, $62 for 6, $79 for 8. (all prices include shipping)
Manufacturer:Strong Like Bull Magnets
  • A metallic surface or object
  • WAY strong magnets. I mean it.
  • O-rings provide easy gripping
  • Available in lots of fun colors
  • Be careful around pacemakers, defibrillators, and similar devices that could be affected by a magnetic field

Welcome to the Strong Like Helm website

Brian first commercially introduced Strong Like Bull Magnets via a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign in January 2013. I had actually been in contact with Brian from having been a backer on his first successful Kickstarter campaign, the . When I found out about the Strong Like Bull campaign, I liked the look and idea of the stronger-than-heck magnets and became a backer on it as well, and I was very happy to see it successfully fund, raising an impressive $57,507 in comparison to its modest $7500 goal. Following the success of the campaign, Brian launched to provide a way for customers to order the mega-magnets after the completion of the campaign.

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