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Video: Studs Terkel on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart":

Studs Terkel joined the Works Progress Administration's Federal Writers' Project in the 1930s, worked in radio, doing everything from voicing soap opera productions and announcing news and sports, to presenting recorded music, writing radio scripts and creating radio advertisements.

Studs Terkel, the American writer, oral historian and radio host who died on October 31, was a major figure in cultural and social history whose life spanned nearly a century.

The Best of Studs Terkel from the Pacifica Radio Archives Collection

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Dans le genre interviews de génie, les américains spont très doués :
un autre américain, Bruce Jackson a publié une série d' entretiens
assez extraordinaires de prisonniers et ça s' intitule :

- Leurs Prisons : Bruce Jackson

et aussi :

- Le Quarier de la mort. Expier au Texas.

Les deux dans l' extraordianire Collection Terre Humaine, Plon.

Watch this web extra interview of Studs Terkel by Carol Marin.

From 1926 to 1936, his parents ran a rooming house that became a home where Terkel met a wide variety of personalities. Terkel often credited his knowledge of the wider world to the tenants who gathered in the lobby of the his family's rooming house and other people who he met in nearby Bughouse Square. In 1939, Studs Terkel married Ida Goldberg (1912-1999) and they had one son, Paul (also known as Dan), who was named after progressive activist Paul Robeson.

He was well-known for his radio program titled The Studs Terkel Program that aired on 98.7 WFMT Chicago between 1952 and 1997. The one-hour program was broadcast each weekday during those forty-five years. On this program, he interviewed guests as diverse as Bob Dylan and Leonard Bernstein.