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Brand Positioning: Strategies for Competitive Advantage


Brand Positioning by Subroto Sengupta

Rao considers himself very fortunate to have worked with giants and legends like Subroto Sengupta, R K Swamy, Subhash Ghosal, Mani Iyer, Alyque Padamsee and Ranjan Kapur. "They are extraordinary people, working with them and learning with them was truly defining and inspiring," he signs off.

Rao's entry into the advertising profession happened courtesy of the late Subroto Sengupta, one of the founder directors of Clarion Advertising. "After my MBA, I was adamant on getting into advertising, but at that time agencies weren't hiring. I was lucky that Sengupta was looking for an MBA to work with him on the Glaxo business at Clarion McCann. He was a great teacher and very passionate about his work," he says.

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Brand Positioning: Strategies for Competitive Advantage
Subroto Sengupta
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Interwoven in the book are evocative slices of modern history which explain the circumstances in which the advertising industry found itself — after all the ads had to reflect the social mores of the time. The two decades after Independence were a time of Central planning when Jawaharlal Nehru went about creating the temples of modern India — large steel plants, dams, power stations, irrigation canals. It was also a time, as advertising legend Subroto Sengupta of Clarion said, when companies didn’t market their products, they rationed them.

It is indeed a rare opportunity to find a noted exponent of Rabindra Sangeet passing through Atlanta. Subroto Sengupta, one of the more notable of current crop of exponents of this song form, was on a recent visit to the metro area. He offered two very different glimpses into his mastery of the craft to listeners in Atlanta.