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Sue Longhurst, Actress: Champagnegalopp

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Sue is, of course, best known for her many British Sex Farces back in the 1970s. However, she made her big Silver Screen debut in the 1971 horror flick Lust for a Vampire. After that particular feature, though, it was pretty much one sex-comedy after another, including the likes of The Over-Amorous Artist, Confessions of a Window Cleaner and Girls Come First

Sue Longhurst is an English actress, most famous for appearing in several saucy x-rated comedies in the 1970s. Born February 19 1943, she trained at the Royal Academy of Music, and was initially a music teacher, but egged on by her model sister, she was soon posing for magazines, record sleeves, book covers & TV commercials, as well as spending 18 months advertising John Player's cigarettes.

Sue Longhurst was born in 1943 in England

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    As a bizarre point of trivia - obscure British actor Stephen Longhurst, a regular in the low-budget horror films of Michael J. Murphy (Invitation to Hell, The Last Night, Bloodstream), erroneously claimed he was distantly related to Sue Longhurst. However, in 2008, he was proved wrong as Longhurst is not actually Sue’s birth name.

    All the major distributors turned him down but Smith was convinced he could make the book's cheeky hero the "Alfie of the 1970s". Columbia finally agreed, and in 1974 Confessions of a Window Cleaner became the most successful British movie of the year. Askwith was voted most promising newcomer at the Evening News awards and his romp with Sue Longhurst on a kitchen floor covered in soap suds became one of the best-known British film moments of the decade. "Robin has the ability to be rude and drop his strides and not offend anybody," Smith said. "That is an incredible talent!"