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The sweaters this winter were just too cute to get rid of! Summer sweaters have been popping up all over the place- they can be matched with just about anything and are super comfy! Here are two of our favorites-

According to the pattern, this sweater is unisex, with the male version having no shaping around the torso. However, I am pretty convinced that no male would be caught alive in this sweater. Perhaps it’s how I knit it with the deeply plunging V-neck, but something about this sweater exudes femininity. So, to prove the monosexuality of my summer sweater, I had three of my friends try it on. I think we can all agree on who shouldn’t be wearing this.

Cuff to Cuff Summer Sweater

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    The Summer Knit Sweater is the perfect shirt to go from day to night. Summer days are warm and comforting. The short sleeves and boat neckline used in this sweater knitting pattern reflects that ideal summer wardrobe. Summer nights tend to be breezy and chilly. This knit sweater will keep you warmer than any other t-shirt you may be wearing. The cute and unique edges add a pinch of sass to this outfit. This sweater is a definite bring along on your vacations and your sailing trips this summer.

    While the runway was filled with , making the look work during summertime is not easy. Now, consider the practicality of a light-weight sweater. How many times have you been in an overly air-conditioned office wearing a skimpy summer outfit? Additionally, a summer sweater can be of use after work: although it may be hot during the day the temperature invariably drops at night.