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I get confused with this ending, because where others see that Otto “did the right thing” by giving Parker his life back, I see that he absolutely did the wrong thing. Parker is going to realize he has a doctorate, a girlfriend, a company, that the Avengers are after him and that Black Cat is seeking revenge. All these things that Otto did and will never have to own up to or get the chance to correct. I can’t wait to see what Otto has in story, but I really think if you bring Otto back, you almost have to set up a situation where he comes back as Superior Spider Man (with the Jackal and a few clone bodies running around this is simple enough to write) and then tell a story of Otto finally seeking true redemption for all his actions. I guess the only problem with this though is that that story has already been told in reading about Kaine’s attempt at being the Scarlet Spider.

I honestly think Otto was a better spider man than Peter in certain areas he didn’t kill and still was intimidating and he took care of business (he got crazy later on but that’s the writers fault plus I think I would be more like superior spiderman than regular spiderman).

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    The Superior Spiderman’s plot was very good. He was okay in the early superior spiderman issues but then he got out of control in the late issues. He got into a fight with the avengers, daredevil, spiderman 2099, and black cat. I expected those results because Doc Oc would do something like that.

    I don’t see why people hated superior spiderman. I loved it. It added a new story to spiderman and was painful to read as we know Peter was dead, but cool to know that Peter’s life will change. I wouldn’t wanna see spiderman doing the same thing over again. I wanted to see something new and exciting. And I got it.