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Angel 2: Avenging Angel

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1972 Academy Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actress Susan Tyrrell in John Huston's Fat City


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Susan Tyrrell, born March 18 1945, died June 16 2012

Flesh & Blood

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Far From Home

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Avenging Angel

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Check out an interview with Susan Tyrrell here:

"Dustin Hoffman and Bob Fosse were talking about, like, swallowing cum and then turning to me and saying, 'I hope we're not embarrassing you.' To get into the Lenny mood! No one loves Lenny more than me, but you don't do this to Susan Tyrrell. I can tell cum jokes better than anybody, but fuck your little dinky dick humor!"

In 1983, I interviewed brilliant actress and fiery personality Susan Tyrrell--who recently died--for a staggering Details cover story.

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Check out an interview with Susan Tyrrell here:

Oscar-nominated actress Susan Tyrrell, famous for her roles in Fat City and Cry Baby alongside Johnny Depp, died on Sunday, her family confirmed to . She was 67.

Susan Tyrrell’s performance in the film has been hailed as one of the greatest screen drunks of all time, which may have been helped by the admission that she was already well-acquainted with drugs and alcohol.