Sven and Ole's Pizza in Gran Marais MN

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All Midwest Scandinavian jokes seem to be about Sven and Ole or Ole and Lena. I am sure you have heard it from Garrison Keillor, who I happened to see on the news just last night.

“We sold over 700 pizza in two weeks. I would have thought we would have done really, really well if we would have done half of that,” Sven and Ole owner Sid Backlund Jr. told his hometown newspaper. “I was absolutely shocked by the response from the public.”

Sven and Ole's | Grand Marais | By: Mordac | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Sven and Ole's Pizza, Grand Marais, Minnesota

Locals, tourists and hikers coming off of the Gunflint Trail have enjoyed the well-reviewed pizzas since 1981, but until recently they had to visit downtown Grand Marais to dive into the Sven and Ole pies. Soon, the small town brand will show up throughout the region, with plans to eventually make them available in Minnesota, parts of Iowa and the Dakotas, Wisconsin and possibly parts of Michigan.

As for the humor..... of course there is lots of humor. That is why there are the "world famous" Sven and Ole jokes (Midwest Scandinavian humor).