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Gail Tuchman is an author of children's books

I'm in the first chapter and I find it very frustrating that I cannot get the first example to build (or the second). Granted I'm new at Java, however, I do expect to have examples work. These examples are designed to teach and provide direction. If I had the Java skills and the time to debug these examples I would not need this book! While many readers may find it enjoyable to debug the examples, I do not. I have neither the time nor the inclination to perform the work that I've paid the authors to perform. If any of the authors purchased a device and then had to debug it to get it to work, would they be happy with it's quality? I doubt it.

I have purchased and live by other O'Reilly books, however, this one will be used as a bookend and I will look at other Java Swing books. This one does not live up to the O'Reilly standard and I will recommend that others avoid it as well.

Tom Matthews

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