4) women serve half the prison sentence for the same crime as men

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This is grossly insulting to millions of fathers and their children. It completely and totally undermines your claim that feminism is for everyone.

In principle it is possible for 2 people to discuss and come to an agreement as to the meaning of the numbers, though in this case it would be a waste of my time cause you are a fucking moron.

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  • bobowitz

    bah again! “it thrives on men that love to dominate, humiliate & hurt women” some people are kinky. I am sure there is porn for women who like to dominate men too! seriously, I dont think ‘porn’ is making any more men hate women, and i seriously dont think it is sexist at all. The only sexist thing about porn is that it panders mostly to a male demographic (shots focused from the male perspective, or on the female.) and thats just marketing. Prove that as many women or more watch porn as men, and the entire industry will shift.

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    It is for you to demonstrate your point not for me prove you wrong. For your to have proven your point you have to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that your numbers are accurate and complete, and that the conclusions reached are logical and have included all other factors. In short that the quoted work has to be peer reviewed, which your source clearly is not.

    Having experienced the biased family court 7 times myself I would recommend to fathers to save themselves the trouble and walk away rather than go within a mile of a family court. Which most men are smart enough to realise for themselves. I just had to learn the hard way and I’m still paying the price. And my experience is the norm for most fathers across almost every western country for decades.